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Bet you’re wondering why all the keyboards. Or not. But because I am who I am, will tell you. If you don’t want to know, skip this part.

Ha! Made you look!

Why keyboards? I like them. Not sure really why but the steady marching across the face of a machine looks elegant to me. Even, regular. Much like pecan tree planted in a grove. The trees themselves stand in timeless grace, communicating future food and promising tomorrow will come in the right season. The wood is warm, brown/black grain with lighter colors shading throughout to give texture, various hues.

When pecans form, they start as green pods, hard, bitter. But they grow, splitting with life, exposing the brown mottled nuts. Ripe pecans form the basis for rich candy, sweet crunchy pie and mouth watering cake or cookies. I love pecan anything. My favorite? Hard to chose but I’m partial to salted roasted pecans, hot from the oven. And pecan sticky buns. Or no, maybe pecan caramels. Still, spiced glazed pecans really hit the spot. I give up. Like ‘em all.

Wrote all that by touching keys, on a keyboard. So, in ways keyboards produce fruit of immense variety. All sorts of colors, flavors, types. Without any sign of slowing down.

And keyboards mean writing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Writing with pen and ink or pencil and paper might be older but with keyboards, my thoughts are legible. Like pens/pencils for rough writing, note taking, quick jottings. But the final bit, for other eyes to consume requires a keyboard somewhere.

So, like pecans, I like ‘em all. See? Answered the question with the item.


So, why am I doing this?      Or why the website?

typewriter-1138293_960_720To find people interested in meeting, discussing, wrangling thru what it means to be at peace with others, with myself and God. Writing, knitting, talking, big sistering people around me are all fun but the real meat, the core of who I am is to be real, be ready for eternity, knowing it is the Great Adventure. And for me, God is all that. Jehovah, Ancient of Days, Creator and Father, Lord and Lover, Teacher and Counselor. The real reason to be.

And He is so much fun, so much deeper than another other. Especially me. Still, He, God loves me, wants me to be everything I should be. He puts up with me? Egad, why. Still, it is good that He does. And He gave me a husband, a physical man who is willing to withstand the barrage of words, ideas and wild explosions. How? I have no idea. But it’s great for me. I know God and LSH are getting the short end of the stick and boy, am I grateful.

I do want readers, people who would enjoy stories of mystery, suspense, fantasy, adventure. Stories that explore the human condition in a wide variety of manner.


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