Stuff I’ve done (or more to the point, showing what been finished and where to find it)

black-686932_960_720The not so distant past is full of journals, most haphazardly shoved to a bookshelf. Try finding an empty place on one of those in my house. Not really sure when I started keeping journals but a childhood memory of getting a diary for Christmas rumbles up. Like many addictions, it started small.

Those early journals came and went, compounding to saving said journals. My pack rat tendencies run in cycles of saving, tossing, saving again. Once computers came into my life, I tried keep a journal there, thinking it more efficient. For some people maybe.

Turns out, I get a lot out of the pen in hand for personal revelation. Other writing works better on the computer, where the more public audience need not decipher my scrawls. Perhaps writing in pen on paper gives me a thin security blanket, not so revealing as printed words. Hmmm. Think about that. But not to long or I’ll get side tracked from finishing this project. I start strong but my finish has been known to be wobbly at times. That self discipline thing, don’t ya know?

Which means, first item of Stuff I’ve done is journaling. You won’t find those on this website. The bulk of them are safely on bookshelves (or in boxes) at home. So I will start with Other Stuff I’ve Done.

Short Stories:

A collection of tales, only 20 or so. The number shifts from time to time, when I add one. Short stories are really my favorite, the best ones very short with a glimpse of humor. They run the gamut of horror to irony. Most of the time, one or two scenes and a conclusion.

In the not too distant future, putting them into a collection is on the to-do list. My favorite? Ah, now. That is like comparing your kids and picking the one you like best. In truth, it’s the one needing the most help. Have a couple still in development, plotted out, mostly written, needing edits. Kind of like a diaper change. Messy at the moment, but satisfying and so much more comfortable when it’s done.

Book length Manuscripts:

Mother Love.


Two mothers, two daughters. One needs a heart transplant, the other a perfect donor. What’s a mom going to do? Especially when one has plans. Available on Amazon now!

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.11.55 PM



A simple little stalker novel. The question is, does she get away with it this time too? Available on Amazon Jan 31, 2019.



Death By Baptism


When Nelda Grace Harper is found drowned in the 1st Baptist church baptismal pool, is it murder or a lucky accident for the congregation?


A Plague by any Other Name


Something wants out of the ground. Aine Rhys, archolegist and reluctant discoverer of death, wants it to stay safely buried. She should be so lucky.


Dragon Heart


A dragon knocks the small plane out of the sky. Aubrey Buchanan survives that moment, but the dragon isn’t done yet.

Contests I’ve entered with some success:

OWFI (Oklahoma Writers xx) holds a convention and writing contest every year and back in 1995 I entered a short story Fisherman’s Daughter, taking first place in Short Story Fantasy. Still one of my favorite stories. When they announced the category I sat very still, hoping for honorable mention. Didn’t really get it when they called my name. Still have the certificate framed, hanging on the wall.

Electronic magazine contests:

Was invited to submit a ghost story to a Civil War anthology around 1997. I sent in two of them and both were accepted. Desmond, a story of a re-enactment that became a resolution and Ghouls, a story of honor and horror in the battle after the battle got some attention.

Electronic publishing:

The Blood Rose

published by 23 House in 1997.

My first foray into the early world of electronic publishing. Not terribly successful because I didn’t know anything about publishing or marketing or the writing business. But I did know enough to make sure I could get my manuscript back to my ownership.

This book became Kiss’N’Kill, with serious editing and much stronger story legs. Even have a few copies of that book around. Always, always, always keep contracts on file. And always work to keep control of your material. The publisher is an honest guy and kept his end of the bargain. Good experience. It simply took time.