I guess you could call this the “stuff I’m working on.”

Ah, what’s still in the grist mill, or more realistically, still on loose paper, in notebooks, floating around in my head, poking me at the most inopportune moments.

A lot of this is material that will not go away. In every life, nibbles and nuggets come and go. Some of those thingstypewriter-1506007_960_720-1 prove to be pearls still in the shell, irritating me, the oyster. Some of them I spit out but some prove to be keepers.

A lot of my non-fiction falls into this realm. I love research. Bible study on my own or for other projects send me down so many lovely little walkways. The history of words, language, precise or muddy explanations delight me. Been accused of being a closet or not so closet sociologist, without the degree or title. That would be me. People do so many crazy things, in the past which leads to the future. I wrote a tiny snippet short story about that, included aliens, destruction, empires, all in about 5 pages. It was great.

Notice that short story is still on the development pile.

Have a couple of bible study research projects not ready for public consumption because they form the nucleus of further books. Which may never see the light of day in book form. Essays come out of this, short personal works standing alone for the moment. I suspect there are electronic venues for this stuff, but I’m not ready to release most of it.

Group writing things sometime grow out of conferences and workshops. Those bits belong in this world. Some collaboration materials stir around but nothing to write home about.

Books in progress:

Several murder mysteries in the Nora series. Some of these are close to editing.

Murder in the Blood

Another Fine Murder

Period murder mysteries in Emma/Ella series. Turn of the century college town

Dead Papa (this title will change)

Death Slide

Soiled doves, Dead dreams

Suspense thrillers in present day Oklahoma/Texas

Featuring Rosadell Shade (personal investigations, fixer, repairer)

Quakes and quivers

Returns accepted

No problem too messy

Realism, Sheolism

Fantasy adventures with various heroes

Quest (lost grandchild, discovered riches)

Beyond these doors…

Elves are not what you think, pixies aren’t cute either

Beware of men with mismatched beards


Proverbs 31: who is this woman and what is she doing?

All the women in the bible and why

Are you really asking me to do that, Lord?

Devotions for the not so devote

Either God is real or He’s not. No middle ground.

Grow up and be Real

History and overdone meatloaf: repeating uncomfortably